FARMERS LODGE No. 168 Presents: "2 For 3 in Bibs"
(2 Candidates - 3rd Degree - Bib Overalls)

The two candidates and WM of Farmers Lodge No. 168 - January 30, 2010

Promotional flyer used to build awareness.

Over 60 Iowa Freemasons representing 23 unique Masonic Lodges!

January 30, 2010:  Candidate (center) and Grand Master of Iowa, and cast members and officers of First and Second Sections of the Third Degree gather for a formal photograph at the completion of Degree Work.  The 2 for 3 in Bibs event was hosted by Webb Lodge No. 182 at Sigourney, Iowa.  Bib overalls are the official lodge dress of Farmers Lodge No. 168. New Master Mason, the youngest in Iowa, and 4th generation in his family, follows in the footsteps of many before him.

 Congratulations New Iowa Master Masons!

Candidate Two (center),  Craig C. Hummel, Grand Master of Iowa (left)  and Kevin Sanders, Junior Grand Deacon and Past Master Iowa City No. 4 (right). Candidates and Iowa Grand Master (center) pose for a parting shot.

Fourteen Grand Lodge of Iowa Officers attended the 2 for 3 in Bibs event!










Presentations of the Grand Master's Pin, Freemasons for Dummies, Masonic Enlightenment Course, the Holy Bible and the candidate's lambskin apron are made after the completion of the Degree Work.

Over 60 Freemasons from 23 unique Masonic Lodges in Iowa traveled to take part in the conferral of two 3rd Degree candidates.

Thanks to the Brothers of Webb Lodge No. 182 at Sigourney, Iowa for hosting this event for Farmers Lodge. 

It was an uplifting and inspirational day for the many Iowa Masons who participated in the event.

A lunch of barbeque pork shoulder roast sandwiches, fried chicken, beans and baked potatoes and plenty of desserts was enjoyed by all.


Many thanks to the Brothers of Webb Lodge No. 182 for hosting!

In the dining hall of Webb Lodge No. 182 at Sigourney. The Charter of Farmers Lodge No. 168 was transferred to Sigourney for the day.


After lunch the Degree Work resumed with Candidate No. 2

Changing the cast in the East between First and Second Sections of 3rd Degree.

Grand Master Hummel accepts a donation to the Iowa Masonic Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The Museum and Library is a nationally known repository for historical archives, documents and artifacts.

2nd Candidate receives words of support from Senior Steward.  

Farmers Lodge No. 168 has a long tradition of wearing bib overalls to lodge, dating back before anyone can remember!

To the East of the Altar, both candidates flank the Grand Master of Iowa (center) and in turn are flanked by Grand Lodge Officers and others who participated in the 3rd Degree cast.

Thanks to everyone who attended this special event!

2 for 3 in Bibs was a resounding success.  It was a true inspiration to see so many brothers traveling, participating and having fun.

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New members and their mentors at One-day Class at Clinton Masonic Center, Clinton Iowa, April 18, 2009.  In less than two years, Farmer's Lodge # 168 has more than doubled in size, proportionately making it the fastest growing lodge in the State!

Installation of Officers - January 2009



April 2009:  Iowa Grand Master Jack Butler welcomes new Farmers Lodge members to the fraternity.

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