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Bob and Kristie Black - Green Valley Records 146

Just about a mile from Hinkletown, as the crow flies, live Bob and Kristie Black. They are the type of neighbors we're blessed with at Hinkletown: close, cheerful, caring and talented. Their "Blood on the Moon" background music, performed along with Aleta Murphy and Mark Wilson, is what you've been enjoying if you've been lucky enough to have your speakers on! They were sitting outside one Iowa summer evening playing a new tune that had not yet been named. As they "picked away," that magnificent Iowa moon rose up over the horizon with its reddish umber hue. Kristie's sister Cherie remarked "That's what they call 'blood on the moon." And that's what they called the new song. It's a part of their new CD "Iowa Songscape," a thirteen song tribute to Iowa and its people. The "Green Valley Serenade," named for the area just east of Hinkletown where they live, has some heart warming fiddle, bass, and mandolin sounds, as well as Bob's banjo and Kristie's rhythm guitar.

Bob in his favorite room

Their latest release on CD

Kristie's Kitchen of hospitality

Who are Bob and Kristie Black?

Bob and Kristie Black have bluegrass roots going straight back to Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass Music." Bob toured and recorded with the late great musical master during the 70's, learning much about songwriting and performing which he now brings to audiences with his wife Kristie. Together,they draw on country music traditions to enliven their shows, which feature many original duets and instrumentals. Going beyond bluegrass, Bob and Kristie blend mountain soul with their own creative musical style, giving each performance a uniquely individual flavor.

Born and raised in rural Iowa, Kristie Black captures the spirit of her family's musical heritage with sweet, to-the-heart vocals and traditional style guitar playing. Kristie's warmth and personality shine from on stage as she shares with audiences the joys of performing music from the soul.

Expanding the definition of bluegrass, Bob and Kristie Black weave modern sounds into the ancient fabric of tradition. Let them invite you into their musical home for a freshly-brewed cup of melody, spiced with home-grown hospitality!

An gig in Iowa City - Feb. 2002

Bob, Kristie and fan "Willis"

The Mill in Iowa City

At their home near Hinkletown On the front porch on a Sunday afternoon A country kitchen with charm

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