Brickmaking at Hinkletown - 1852 - 1900

The earliest craftsman in brickmaking at Hinkletown was William J. Watkins. He probably constructed a crude early kiln around 1852, and continued the trade there for fourteen years. Others who were known to have manufactured bricks in Hinkletown were William Carter and Thomas F. Hudson. Lucy Hudson Whitmore was the daughter of Thomas Hudson, and before she died she wrote a letter to Carl Hogendorn of the North English Record, describing the early process of brickmaking at Hinkletown:

"Friend Carl: In regards to the piece about Hinkletown, I can straighten out a few of the things mentioned. My father, T.F. Hudson, made and dried and burned the brick in those two kilns, assisted by his three sons Jess, Charley, and Jim; also a neighbor boy by the name of Oscar Bags. The mill that mixed the mud to make the brick was a crude affair consisting of a large square box, homemade, of course, with a good sized log full of wooden pegs, placed in the middle of the box; then the box was shoveled full of dirt and water, carried from the well across the highway, to wet the dirt. The log in the center was fixed in a way that a horse was hitched to the log full of pegs and turned round and round until the right mixture to make the bricks. Then the mud was put in molds of three or six bricks, then laid on a large and smooth yard to dry. When dry they were stacked in a way that formed oval openings the length of the pile of brick, then wood in good sized logs was burned in these openings until the bricks were a very red color and ready for sale."

In her article Lucy Whitmore also mentions that she was 89 years old at the time, and Hogendorn mentions that she had died several years earlier than the printing date of the article, which ran in the North English Record on November 4, 1982.

Another article printed about 1972 mentions that bricks made in Hinkletown were used to construct churches, homes and buildings in other towns. There were brick kilns on both sides of the county line at Hinkletown for many years.