Welcome To Courage Ride 2010......Food, Live Music, Entertainment and a Great Ride Through Eastern Iowa

On Saturday, August 28, something special will happen at North English City Park.  There will be a day of live music, good food, a celebrity emcee, entertainment and even some Hawkeye athletes and special speakers, such as top doctors at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. And hundreds of cyclists from around the State of Iowa.  Few of these people know each other.  Yet they all have one thing in common: the desire to see a cure for cancer. 

Many are survivors.  Even the bandleader has been battling leukemia.  Each has a unique story to tell.  They are hoping that the general public will come and listen, greet and cheer on the riders who are giving a day to fundraise for cancer research at the UI Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. 


The ride features trip lengths of 19, 27, 53, 70 and 98 miles on beautiful countryside routes.

Looking for a great post-RAGBRAI bike ride?  If you can handle between 19 and 98 miles in a day, good food and great live music along the way, this one-day ride may be just for you!

The 2010 Courage Ride honors the Courage of Seth A. Bailey and others affected by sarcoma and other types of cancer.  The ride is scheduled for Saturday, August 28, beginning at the Iowa Mennonite School, located at 1421 540th St. SW near Kalona, Iowa.

The ride features trip lengths of 19, 27, 53, 70 and 98 miles on beautiful countryside routes. Each rider will receive a ticket to Dad’s Belgian Waffle Breakfast, lunch, desserts, snacks, and live music along the way, hot showers and an opportunity to bid at a silent auction.

Stops will include Kalona, Wellman, North English and Millersburg.  The North English rest stop schedule includes a full lunch, drinks, treats, live music and Hawkeye athletes!

The annual bike ride starts at Iowa Mennonite School with same day registration starting at 6 a.m. Registration can be made online at www.courageride.org or at the IMS location the morning of the event.


Photos of Courage Ride 2010

   Lunch and Live Bluegrass Music and Entertainment at North English Rest Stop

Bob Black, Kristie Black, Mark Wilson, and     Paul Roberts

and featuring............

Zach Grimm, 16, Wapello's Fiddle Phenom

Come visit the Hawkeye Athletes!

Celebrity Appearances

Guest Speakers

Activities at the North English Stop are open to the general public. Come Join us for a great day of live Bluegrass music and entertainment!

Above L-R: Mark Wilson, Bob Black, Paul Roberts, Kristie Black and Zach Grimm, Wapello, Iowa.

Welcome to The Courage Ride - Honoring the Courage of Seth Bailey (Right). 

We all have been affected by cancer. Whether directly or of a close family member or friend.  It can happen to anyone.  Come hear the stories from those who have survived.  You won't forget how they overcame the odds and beat this deadly disease.  Someday it could save your life. 

In November 1995, seventeen-year-old Seth Bailey was passionate about sports. A junior at Iowa Mennonite High School, he was surprised when a sore leg turned into something serious. A diagnosis of soft-tissue synovial sarcoma cancer came as a shock to all who knew Seth. His family and friends rallied around him while he learned that his best chance to defeat cancer was through an amputation of his right leg. Seth showed courage during and beyond cancer and returned to the sports he loved by playing high school varsity basketball with his prosthesis.

Just five years after cancer first appeared in his life, it returned to his lungs and chest. Seth endured a year of chemotherapy and radiation and although cancer was a part of Seth's life, it didn't define his life. His courage and determination led him to become an intern for the U.S. Olympic Committee in 2002. He continued as an athlete and trained as a swimmer in the Paralympics.

His battle was not yet done. In November 2002 more cancerous tumors were found in and around his lungs. Seth died in October 2003 after a heroic fight to live. All who knew him remember his courage.


Seth A. Bailey died of Sarcoma in October 2003

Come join us and greet the riders as they come through North English!

Nathan Detweiler's story: Five years of cancer, in his chest, neck, lungs, brain, bone marrow, and multiple surgeries followed by intense rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, did not destroy the faith of Nathan Detweiler.  It was his courage that defined his disease, not the other way around. 
He rode in RAGBRAI 2010.


In September 2004, Nathan Detweiler had a bicycle accident while attending college in Indiana. His bike hit a tree and Nathan was flipped over the handlebars!  Nathan sought medical attention and through the course of the workup a chest x-ray revealed some enlarged lymph nodes. Further testing led to the diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Nathan moved home to Iowa to undergo treatment at the University of Iowa.  It was a bumpy road for Nathan and his family.  Nathan is made of strong stuff!

After several years of medical treatments which included chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and a stem cell transplant, Nathan is disease free! I had the honor of being Nathan’s oncology nurse during his treatments at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinic. 

 I was very happy to attend his wedding last summer.  What a beautiful occasion and yes, I cried!  Nathan is currently a graduate student here at the University of Iowa in the School of Social Work.

I am proud to present this photograph of Nathan as he participated in RAGBRAI last month.  What a triumph…and yes, I cried when I opened the email with the photo!

Watch for Nathan as you ride in rural Iowa for the Courage Ride August 28! 


Schedule for the Hawkeye Rest Stop at North English

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