Foote Post Office at Hinkletown

A History

The Foote Post Office opened at Hinkletown on March 10, 1862. This location audit document, dated August 7, 1876, verifies the location on the post office by description to area landmarks such as creeks and rivers, railroads, towns and other post offices in the area. This document was appended by a hand drawn map on a graph showing the same features and a square designating the Foote Post Office at the southeast quarter of Section 35 in Fillmore Township, on the county line. Note the name of "Henkletown", which was often used on documents and written histories of the day. Maps and plats from the same time period refer to "Hinkletown".

The signature of the Postmaster is of John F. Baughman, who was also the Hinkletown physician and surgeon. The Foote Post Office at Hinkletown is also designated in the 1874 Iowa County Atlas, pages 15 and 25, Hinkletown Business District.

The Foote Post Office had three locations, beginning at Hinkletown in 1862, John Fordice, Postmaster (south Section 35). Some time around 1885 the post office physically moved to Greene Valley one mile east of Hinkletown when C.F. Lytle's general store (with the post office) was relocated to Greene Valley (south Section 36). Then around 1896 it moved north of the English River across from Greene Valley to the northeast corner of Section 36. The post office closed on July 31, 1903. The list of known postmasters are: John Fordice, 1862; E. M. Ritchey, 1872; C.F. Lytle, 1874; J.F. Baughman, 1876; W. G. Oldalver, 1896. Catherine Lytle and Margaret Rock were also known to have tended to the post office while in Greene Valley.

Note: Samuel C. Watters, who lived at Hinkletown in 1850 became the postmaster of Dover in Honey Creek Township in August 1858. Katie M. Tiernan, who taught school at Hinkletown in 1880 was the postmistress at Callan (Parnell) in November, 1884.

A Chronology of Foote Post Office History

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