The Greene Valley Sawmill

The settlement of Greene Valley was another thriving village a mile east of Hinkletown.

This 1908 photograph shows the saw mill at Greene Valley and its operators, Charles Long and Hugh Moffit. For many years, abundant timber surrounded the Hinkletown and Greene Valley area, in the English River Valley. In the 1915 History of Iowa County, Dr. M. Etta Coxe describes the timber and other flora in areas near the rivers in Iowa County: "Along the lines of water courses were lines of blue and yellow flag, overtopped by the waving blaze of cardinal flowers. In the timber portion along the streams the columbine, honeysuckle and sweetbrier, covered by the clinging wild clematis, added their perfume to the sweet breath of the forest. In the beautiful groves which dotted the landscape the similax, ground nuts, wild pea, hop and woodbine climbed upward, while deep in the forest shade the spikeard, ginseng, may apple and prickly ash grew in profusion. Shellbark and white hickory, walnut, butternut, hard and soft maple, the coffee tree, red and white elms, birch, sycamore, ash, cottonwood all were growing unmarred by axe or saw."

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