Hinkletown Business District Map

From 1874 Iowa County Atlas

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About this Map: In 1874 there were several businesses operating in Hinkletown, of which some were not indicated on this map. The W.J. Watkins shown on the bottom center is William J. Watkins, who ran a brick manufacturing facility for 14 years at this site. He settled there in 1852, and in 1854 he organized the creation of Liberty township in Keokuk County. William Carter also ran a brick kiln. By 1874 Franklin Pettibone and Adam Wiseman were partners in running Harmon Henkle's Saw Mill, shown to the north of the Main Street. To the right of the Saw Mill is the General Merchandizing Store of Harmon Henkle, and next to that (right) is Henkle's house. Dr. J. F. Baughman's Office is shown to the left of the Saw mill. Across the Main Street to the south and left is C.F. Lytle's General Store and the Post Office (Foote P.O.) Not Shown in this map are the School (Hickory Ridge) and Church (St. Patrick's Little Creek Church) and a jail that is said to have been located next to the E. Wilson (Later,Harrison Wade) property at the lower left. A Blacksmith and Harness Shop were also said to have been located near that site. There was a newspaper published in town called the Hinkletown Journal, although it is not know which building it was located in.

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