A Chronology of Harmon Hinkle's Life

  Hinkletown was named after Harmon Hinkle (Henkle). We're not sure exactly when, but we know Hinkle showed up at the town about 1859. In 1861 he purchased Rock's Saw Mill from Patrick W. Rock, and also constructed a store and home at Hinkletown about that time. The earliest map we have found with the name "Hinkletown" shows up on the 1874 Iowa County Atlas, when it is shown as a town and included in the business district listings. This page gives a chronology of Hinkle's life from the time he was born in 1832 until his death in 1905. If you have additional information on Hinkle, please Contact Us!!

Harmon Hinkle - 1888


Harmon Hinkle Biography

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