Early Iowa County and Railroad Maps - 1856 - 1897

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This 1856 early Iowa Railroad map shows the portion of the four counties: Keokuk, Iowa, Johnson and Washington, that converge near Hinkletown. Not shown as a town at the time, Hinkletown was a settlement with no known name. The location of Hinkletown on this map would be at the northeast corner of Keokuk County and southeast corner of Iowa County, on the south side of the heavily timbered area (dark blotched area) between Wassonville and North English, on the county line.

This section of the State of Iowa Railroad Map below from 1884 shows the same four county portion, with Hinkletown identified near the center. Note that by this time the town of Kinross (directly south of Hinkletown) is displayed. Kinross was founded in 1879 when the Iowa City and Western Railroad was constructed south of Hinkletown. "With the railway under construction, residents of Hinkletown to the north moved into the settlement near the Chandler Post Office. Realizing they could not persuade the IC & W to locate north of the river near their settlement, the Hinkletown merchants chose instead to locate near the railroad." From the History of Kinross, Scott Romine and Steve Miller.

Designated Kinross on August 19, 1879 when Dows and Co. signed over the land, the towns's name is historically recorded as being from a Mr. Kinross who worked with the railroad. Some also say that Mr. Kinross helped with the Hinkletown move. The 1880 History of Keokuk County states that the first home in Kinross was moved in from Hinkletown. From the History of Kinross, Scott Romine and Steve Miller.

The State of Iowa Railroad Map below from 1897 shows the towns and settlements by post office names. By this time, Foote Post Office (center of map) had moved about a mile and a half northeast of Hinkletown, which is not shown on this map. The smaller lines indicate post office routes. At this time, Foote P.O. was on the route from Parnell. In 1902, Foote P.O. was discontinued and the mail delivery for Hinkletown, Greene Valley and Foote was placed on RFD route #1 from North English, five miles to the east.

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