Hinkletown, Little Creek, Green Valley and Hickory Ridge Picnic

June 11, 2005 - North English, Iowa

Over 50 descendants of the ghost town areas of Hinkletown, Saint Patrick's Catholic Church at Little Creek, and Greene Valley, Iowa attended the 2005 Reunion Picnic at the North English Park Shelter House on June 11, 2005.  The weather forecast predicted hot, muggy and stormy weather, but the sun came out with a breezy 78 degrees F, a blessing for the event.  

Attendees identified their ancestor's homesteads on a large map of the area.  The diagonal dotted-line across the center of the map is the old southern leg of the Diamond Trail that went from Muscatine to Fort Des Moines and passed through the site of Hinkletown in the 1840's - 1870's.  The trail passed through Wassonville, Hinkletown, North English and Millersburg in this area. 

Classmates of the old Hickory Ridge School at Hinkletown gather for their 2005 class picture.  The school operated 100 years, from 1849 through 1949, when the country schools were shut down and consolidated.  Students from Hickory Ridge were sent to Kinross or North English.

They traveled from places in Iowa such as Bettendorf, Mt. Pleasant, Crawfordsville, Cedar Rapids, Oxford, West Liberty and Washington, and Iowa City, all bringing baked dishes and desserts.   

The crowd enjoyed home-cooked Iowa food.  One of the "Green Valley Girls" prepares a special dish for the picnic.

An outtake:  Trying to get it together.


Part Two:  More Photographs of the June 2005 Reunion Picnic.

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