Early Hinkletown Businessman

Patrick W. Rock - Rock's Sawmill

In 1860, a steam operated sawmill at Hinkletown was purchased by Patrick W. Rock, who entered upon 2,200 acres of land in Iowa County in the year 1854.



Patrick W. Rock: 1814 - 1893


From the 1881 History of Iowa County:

Patrick Rock - - Farmer, Section 22 (Fillmore Township), P.O. Lytle City, was born in County Mayo, Ireland, January 1, 1814 and lived there until twenty-one years of age, then came to America. He remained about two years and then returned to Ireland in 1846 and remained six years. He again came to America and worked at farming in New York State for three years. Then he worked as a laborer on a railroad for a short time and then commenced contracting, in which he was very successful. In 1854 he came to Iowa and located in this township, where he entered about 2,200 acres of land. He purchased a sawmill and grist mill, and erected on the English River what was known as Rock's Mill, and was one of the first in this part of the West. He has also been heavily engaged in shipping stock. He was married to Sarah McManamma of this same township in 1856 (second wife). They have six children: Sarah born July 31, 1858; Martin born March 3, 1870; Jimmie born August 15, 1863; Ann born March 28, 1865; Joe born March 13, 1867 and Henry born October 4, 1873. Mr Rock served as County Supervisor for two terms. He brought four families to this State, furnishing them with teams and money and locating them on his own lands. Now they are well-to-do farmers.

Note: There were a total of thirteen children of Patrick W. Rock by both marriages, including Mary Rock, who taught at Hickory Ridge School at Hinkletown for fourteen terms, ending in 1906.

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