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Ancestral Brigade

Father Thomas Sheehy (left) and Bridget Sheehy stand on north side of Saint Patrick's with unknown person.   Rectory at right built in 1900. Photo circa 1902. Sheehy was priest at St. Pat's until 1905.

Built in 1875 and dismantled in 1965.

Saint Patrick's Church of the Little Creek was organized in 1875 by Father J.F. Nugent. Built at a cost of $2,000 by carpenter contractor Wesley Green, the church was dedicated on July 4, 1875. Father King from either Armah or What Cheer held the first Mass there, and the first resident priest was Father Thomas Sheehy who came about 1900. That was the year the rectory was built there. Some of the early families in the Little Creek Parish were the McCanns (who donated the land for the church), Kelley, Gray, Corridan, Devine, Monaghan, Walsh, Cullen, Hanley, Florang, and Feldaverd. The first person baptized in St. Patrick's was Michael Monaghan.

At one time there was a building north of the church which was the meeting place for the fraternal order, the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, but this building has also long since disappeared. 

The church was abandoned in January 1965, then torn down in the same year. The parishoners were taken into the Kinross parish. As with many of the first names and businesses of Kinross, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church traces its roots to the Hinkletown area in northern Liberty Township.  From History of Kinross Iowa, Scott Romine and Steve Miller.

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