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Project Wassonville 2007

A place to gather and share the heritage of Wassonville, Iowa and its early families.

Wassonville, Iowa, is an 1840s ghost town on the English River Valley.

Painting of the Wassonville Mill as it would have appeared in the 1850's.  Ken Miller 1962.
Wassonville was located on the English River near today's town of Wellman, Washington County, Iowa.


Feed Sack from Wassonville Mills

The old Wassonville Mill on the south side of the English River, the second mill that was constructed at Wassonville, Iowa.  This grist mill never had an external water wheel, but was built with a "mill race."  A steam plant was later added to turn the mill when the river was too low for grinding.  This mill was built in 1847 by Joseph Wasson and James Watters.   The first mill was built on the north bank of the river in 1841 and burned down in 1849, replaced by a saw mill.

Old burr stone from the mill

A few of the Project Wassonville organizers


Photo at Wellman Heritage Museum


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