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Tax List - 1852 - Lime Creek Township
Washington County

An indication of early residents of Wassonville, Iowa.
Highlighted names provide links to biographies.


Adams, John
Adams, Joseph
Anderson, Jacob
Allen, William L.
Ayers, John
Ayers, James
Ayers, Benjamin
Barnett, William
Bradford, Ezra
Barnhart, ----
Bowers, Anthony
Barnard, Henry
Brink, Joseph
Carpenter, Elisha
Coryell, Peter
Coffman, Walker
Cooper, John
Davisson, William A.
Daugherty, Henry
Daugherty, Moses
Farley, John
Ford, John A.
Foster, Charley
Gilliam, Robert L.
Gilliam, John
Gilliam, Isaac
Gray, R.W.
Goodwin, Seth

Griffith, William S.
Hull, William
Hull, Marcus
Hull, Jacob

Harding, Charles
Harding, Isaac C.
Hewitt, W. L.
Jones, John G.
Jewell, C. P.
King, Able
King, Francis
Kirk, William
Leighton, Isaac
McDowell, H.B.
McDowell, John N. or H.
McFarland, Elizabeth
Morrow, Josiah
Mannott, William
Montgomery, William
McCallister, John
Meek, Daniel
Meek, William
Newland (Nueland), William
Nuttifee, G.S.
Osborn, Squire
Osborn, ----
Osborn, Nathan
Rickey, Reuben
Rickey, H.B.
Rickey, Henry B.
Rickey, John est.
Reno, Morgan
Stillings, Josiah
Shaver, William
Sidenbender, Samuel
Squires, Green
Stibbens, Rebecca
Stocomb, Agnes
Squires, Thomas est.
Story, M.D.
Taylor, Harvey
Trowbridge, J.L.
Watters, James
Watters, Thomas G.
Watters, Thomas
Watters, Samuel A.

Wasson, Joseph
Wasson, Benjamin B.
Wilson, Asa
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, James M.
Whetstine, Mathias
Wilson, H.H.
Young, Augustine
Yeager, Jacob
Young, W.A.

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William A. Davisson

   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Allen - Lime Creek Township