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Wassonville Mill Photographs

A collection of photographs from the history of Wassonville, Iowa



In March 1840, Joseph Wasson and Samuel A. Watters laid out the settlement of Wassonville and built a mill on the north bank of the English River.  The business section was also on the north side of the river.  The 1840s brought brought new settlers with their families and cabins sprang up everywhere.  In 1847 the mill burned down and was replaced wit a saw mill.  1n 1850 a second grist mill (above) was built on the south bank of the river.   It was operated by a water-powered turbine wheel fitted into a mill race beneath the mill.  Later, steam was added when the water was low and the dam washed out.  Around 1914, Fred Fellman electrified the mill with a Delco plant.  This mill operated until 1918.  

More photographs of the Wassonville Mill:

Children stand on the dry dam by the Wassonville Mill.

Three children stand in the river beneath the dam.  


           Summer view of mill and river.                                         Same view of mill in winter.

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