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Wassonville Photographs

A collection of photographs from the history of Wassonville, Iowa



The town plat of Wassonville covered the north and south sides of the English River.   The north side was the larger and earlier portion of the town.  This photo is of the south side, in later years, post 1900.  During the 1840's and 50s, the north side of town flooded almost semi-annually, destroying homes and businesses.  The early settlers tried to rebuild several times, to little avail.  They finally gave up, to rebuild mainly on the south side, and later many would help settle and move to Daytonville, just a half mile to the south.  

More photographs of Wassonville:

The Fellman family on the scale of the old grist mill on the south side of the river.   

Fred Fellman was the last active wheat flour miller at the Wassonville mill.  He was born at the site in 1871 and ran the mill from 1899 to 1918.  


           Fred Fellman and his stepmother on dock of mill.                                         Burrstone from the mill.

This photo from later years, post -1900, shows block addition to the mill.


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