Early Hinkletown Settler - Samuel C. Watters

Little is know about Samuel C. Watters and his wife Mary. Following is a summary of what our research has compiled:

Samuel and Mary L. Watters bought a farm at Hinkletown from Cyrus Slocum on December 7, 1850.

The Iowa Special Census of 1856 shows Watters was a hog farmer and had many acres of corn and potatoes.

They sold the farm to Daniel Toomey on August 7, 1857

Samuel Watters opened the post office at "Dover" in Honey Creek Township on August 6, 1858. According to information provided by Mrs. Franklin Lillie for Stagecoach Trails in Iowa, "Another stagecoach route ran outside of the county, on the edge of the western part of Iowa County, beyond the little plat of a town called Dover. This town never went anywhere, but along the road cemeteries, schools, churches, a blacksmith shop, etc. were located."

The post office at Dover must have been one of the shortest-lived in Iowa history. It closed on October 22, 1858, just two months and 16 days after it was opened by Samuel Watters.

Samuel Watters was advanced to the Sublime third degree of Free Masonry in February 1865. This was the lodge that operated in Greene Township, Fillmore Township in Iowa County and later moved to Kinross, Liberty Township in Keokuk County, Iowa.

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