Adam Wiseman Family of Hinkletown and Greene Valley

(Miller, Wiseman, Lloyd Family)

Adam Wiseman was a partner of the Hinkletown Saw Mill in 1874 (See 1874 Hinkletown Business District Map).


1. Adam Wiseman 2. Ida (Wiseman) Miller 3. Thomas B. Miller
4. Eliza Ann (Lloyd-Miller) Wiseman 5. Ardelia (Miller) Chapman 6. Aaron T. Wiseman
7. Susan (Wiseman) Culver 8. George Wiseman 9. Amelia (Miller) Davis
10. Thomas Bean 11. Drusilla (Wiseman) Hayes Lane  


ADAM I. WISEMAN was born on March 19, 1833 in Seneca county, Ohio., son of John and Christina Wiseman, a farmer by trade of Seneca county., Ohio, Pleasant Twp. Adam's siblings as of October 1850 were Jacob (born about 1832), Aron (born about 1836), Peter (born about 1838), and Mary (born about 1844).

ADAM married about 1854 to MARGARET VIRGINIA "JENNIE" JONES, who was born about 1837, Illinois and passed away before 1865. Adam, Jennie, George and Aaron lived with her father James Jones (born about 1801, Virginia), a farmer, in Novelty, Missouri, Knox county as of July 1860. Adam was a farmer at this time. Two of Margaret's siblings, Olivia Jones (born about 1844, Iowa) and Andrew (born about 1847, Iowa) where living in the same residence although her mother was not at this residence in 1860. In 1850, Margaret was living with her parents James Jones and Elizabeth (unknown) (born about 1803, Kentucky) in Johnson County, Iowa, Washington Twp., along with her siblings Iva B. (born about 1825, Illinois), Roil M. (born about 1828, Illinois), Washington (born about 1829, Illinois), Olivia (born about 1847, Iowa), and Andrew (born about 1845, Iowa).
To this marriage were born two children: George Washington (born August 19, 1855, Keokuk county, Iowa) and Aaron Theorfles (born April 21, 1860, Novelty, Missouri, Knox county). George married May 8, 1881at the home of P.E. Rinyans of Keokuk county, Iowa to Lucinda Ann Ulin (born October 7, 1860, Hardin, Missouri, Ray county) daughter of Barbara Ann (Waggoner) and Benjamin Ulin. At least 9 children to this marriage. Aaron married June 19, 1881, at the home of Adam I. Wiseman to Amanda Jane "Mandy" Ulin (born October 3, 1856, Hardin, Missouri, Ray county) daughter of Barbara Ann "Barbry" (Waggoner) and Benjamin Ulin of Keokuk county, Iowa. Five children to this marriage.

Between 1860 and 1874, Adam moved to Iowa, living in Keokuk county, Iowa, Jackson Twp., Dist. 161 in 1880 with his wife Eliza and family where his trade was running a sawmill, with his son Aaron age 20 working along side at the sawmill in Hinkletown, Iowa, Iowa county.

ADAM remarried Dec. 30, 1866, at the home of William Raines, in Iowa Co., Iowa, Fillmore Twp. to ELIZABETH ANN "ELIZA" LLOYD, (born February 18, 1841, Sangamon county, Illinois) daughter to Elizabeth J. (Meeker) and Belfield Cave Lloyd, of Green Valley, Iowa, Iowa county, Greene Twp., sect. 31. When about 10 years of age Elizabeth came with her parents to Iowa, settling in Iowa county. There she grew to womanhood. In 1866 the year of her second marriage to Adam, she was converted and united with the Baptist church being baptized by elder Dobson of the Methodist church in Hayesville, Iowa. Adam had lived in or near Hayesville since 1884 until his death.
To this marriage were born three children: Susan Emaline (born July 18, 1868, Hayesville, Iowa), Drusilla J. (born May 1873, Keokuk county, Iowa), and Ida Luella (born Nov. 23, 1878, Hayesville, Iowa). Susan married June 14, 1888 LeRoy, Iowa to Charles La Fatelle "Laft" Culver (born about 1860, New York) son of Clarisa and Sylvanus Culver of Garden Grove, Iowa. Four children to this marriage. Drusilla J. married abt. 1898 Iowa to Joel Winthrop Hayes (born may 27, 1823) son of Mary (Hawley) and Helon I. Hayes, of Keokuk county, Iowa. Drucilla remarried after Joel's death in 1906, to Frank Lane. Ida married June 29, 1897, Washington county, Iowa to Lemont Madison William "Lemmon" Miller (born February 6, 1877) son of Mary Clara (Parker) and James M. "Uncle Jimmie" Miller of Green Valley, Iowa, Iowa county. Three children to this marriage.

Elizabeth Ann "Eliza" Lloyds first marriage September 15, 1859, Iowa county, Iowa, was to CYRUS C. MILLER (born June 30, 1837, Bloomington, Illinois, McLean county) who died as a results of the "fever" during the Civil War in the Union Army as a Private, Company D, 3rd Illinois Infantryman, at the brig hospital in Eastport, Mississippi (died April 3, 1865) son of Sarah (Lloyd) and James Thomas Miller of Bloomington, Illinois. Cyrus was buried at the Shiloh National Military Park, in Shiloh, Tennessee. Belfield Cave Lloyd applied for legal guardianship in October 1866 of the minor children and estate Cyrus & Elizabeth. The application was accepted on February 26, 1867 by county Judge A.H. Whillits, in Marengo, Iowa.
To this marriage were born three children: Ardelia Eliza "Deli" (born September 5, 1860, Green Center, Iowa, Iowa county), Mildred Amelia "Millie" (born September 5, 1860, Green Center, Iowa, Iowa county-twin to Ardelia), and Thomas B. (born March 15, 1863, Dewitt county, Illinois). Ardelia married Feb. 14, 1880, Iowa county, Iowa to Frederick Obiadiah Chapman (born June 6, 1855, Vienna, New York, Oneida county) son of Mary Ann (Salmons) and Henry Charles Chapman, of Iowa county, Iowa, Fillmore Twp. Twelve children to this marriage. Mildred married Jan. 8, 1880, Keota, Iowa to James Otha Dowis (June 10, 1855, Springfield, Illinois, Christian county) son of Nancy Clinton (Sheets) and John Dowis, of Keota, Iowa. Nine children to this marriage. Thomas B. married September 25, 1889 to Evalina Elnora "Eva" Pierce (born January 18, 1874, Nebraska) daughter of Elizabeth "Maxie (Sherwolte) and Sidney E. Pierce of Bell Prairie, Nebraska. Two children to this marriage.

It was stated in the Thursday evening, February 22, 1900 issue of the Wellman Advance of the news of Fairview - "We understand Adam Wiseman, who moved away from the neighborhood many years ago is coming back again. His children are all married, and having lost his wife last fall. Adam is now all alone and well on toward his three score years and ten. Thus our earthly homes are soon broken."
Adam I. Wiseman passed away April 29, 1900 at the home of his son Aaron Theorfles and Amanda Jane Wiseman's home east of Hayesville, Iowa. His wife Elizabeth Ann died March 19, 1899, at their home in Hayesvillle, Iowa. They are buried in the Pennington Cemetery along with Aaron I. and Mandy J. Wiseman, and many of their grand children.   

Photograph and Information Courtesy of Burrell Brenneman

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